Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lemonade & Sunshine

I'm staying with my parents for a visit right now and after a bit of snooping around their place (grin), I came across this great lemonade dispenser!

This has summer written all over it (well actually it has lemonade written all over it...bwahaha!)!  And oh how I could have used this for my daughter's second birthday party last weekend! Lemonade & Sunshine was on the menu and we served plenty of it! This dispenser would have been perfect! Ahh well, next time right!

Here's a photo of the big girl at her party. Of course she didn't want her photo taken! Seriously can't believe she's 2 already (sigh).

I am such a fan of kids' birthday parties and events! I try to take that extra-step (or two) to make it really special with lots of decor and lots of goodies. Just needing a bit more time these days (smile). Nothing better than seeing your children having an absolute blast on their birthday!! Makes it all worth it.

Off to make some lemonade! It's a sun-shiny day and we have a date with the kiddie pool!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today (don't forget to grab a favour bag on your way out!)! Head over to Pen N' Paperflowers for some Lemonade & Sunshine inspiration. Jessica has amazing style!

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