Friday, February 11, 2011

Switching it up!

Change is a good thing right??!! Well I like (need) change every once in awhile....I think I get bored (grin)!

So I started with my logo. It's simple. clean. with a touch of modern. and a bit of shabby. I am really happy with it and hope to make up some new stickers and business cards...soon!!

The next thing that is (in the process of) changing is my shop! I have moved over to Big Cartel! This will be a gradual process, so please bare with me. Purchasing will still be completed via PayPal (you are directed there at checkout).

My newest & latest Shabby Lane items will be available here! The rest will be available here (many of these original items have been discontinued, so scoop them up before they're gone for good!!).

Stay tuned over the next little while, as I will be releasing many new items!! I am super-excited to share them with you and hope you like (love)!!!

p.s. here's my new addy:


Francis Family said...

Cute, I love it! I am also loving your new stuff, can't wait to see the rest!

ManaRose said...

I love the new change…simple and fresh : )