Monday, May 10, 2010

Ducks in a row...

Not sure what it is lately, but I am sooo feeling like that crazy neighbor lady. You know...the one who comes to the door dressed in her nightgown, with some crazy bedhead, a baby on one hip crying, and a dirty-faced toddler running around in a diaper drawing on the walls, a dog barking in the background, and cats that seem to be coming out from nowhere?? okay...I only have one kitty, but the rest is so my life!! Hehee. All I can do is laugh right?! or cry!!

So yeah, my life is crazy! but good (grin). Just needs a bit of tidying-up and organization! And it all starts tomorrow morning (more specifically at approximately 6am when my almost-2 year old walks in and says "HI")! But before we begin, I need some inspiration...

I am loving these re-purposed vintage frames! Find these beauties here.

Print this sweet birdie calendar yourself at home!
Find it here.

Love this cream lace print on a steel memo board. Find it here.

And this dry erase family calendar looks great dressed in a vintage frame. Find it here.

How sweet is this dry erase vinyl wall sign?! Find it here.


This one's perfect!! Find it here.

p.s. I'll let you know if the crazy neighbor lady moves out!!


Angie Higa said...

You've found some awesomely beautiful things! I particularly love that chalkboard. When you're in town, you should just unexpectedly stop in (I would never wish anyone to do that for the record) ... and I'll make you feel REAL GOOD about yourself, lol. Picture you in your bedhead, baby, toddler ... and times it by 25 times more chaotic and disorganization. You just look organized. I look a disaster! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy! I know how you feel, running crazy with a million things to do, thread in my hair, my almost-3yo pulling straight pins out of the pin cushion and playing with ribbon all over the living room. Its a wild life with two kids at home, but it's full of all the best things, too.

Wish I could find more time to blog, though. Good for you! I really enjoy visiting your blog and this post has given me some inspiration. We're moving in mid-June, so I'm on the lookout for cuteness!